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Sedona is a mecca for artists of all media, drawn here by the energy and natural beauty of the red rocks. Perhaps no where else (outside of Santa Fe) will you find such a renowned community of accomplished artists. We are proud to present many, many works of original art throughout the inn. Here is a sample of Sedona artists currently on display:

Polly Cullen – pastels

A rare showing of Polly's extraordinary and award-winning work. Polly's passion is the rich thick pigment of pastels. She loves the fascinating combination of mystery and intent that goes into each piece of art. Polly's roots are in New England with chapters of her life spent in Europe, Colorado and the Pacific Northwest. She is married to artist Bill Cullen with whom she has spent 10 years sculpting and carving a unique home here in Sedona. Polly continues to study with exceptional teachers, mostly in Denver, Scottsdale and the Sedona area. Polly writes, "I have the extreme good fortune of being able to work nearly full time on my art in two exquisite locations: Sedona, Arizona and Winter Park, Colorado."

Miro Fitzgerald

Info coming soon!

Jean Capalbo – acrylics

Visit the Sedona Arts Center for more information.